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with health experts warning against energy drinks. action they want the fda to take. >> michael finney is taking your questions and will answer them here live in just a few minutes. you can contact michael on facebook.com. and on twitter at m finney. >> taking a look at the san francisco skyway, it's a slow commute into and out of san francisco right now. particularly tough for drivers on the left side of the screen trying to make their way east adros cross the bay bridge. the news >>> a california patrol officer received a top law enforcement award for a heroic deed. he was named nation's top trooper by international association of police cheifs. he was the partner of fallen chp officer ken onyoung storm shot and killed in september 2012. carlton returned fire, killing the gunman ux 36-year-old christopher lacey. the panel said officer carlton explained extreme courage. >> there is uncertainty over the future of a palo alto based pharmaceutical company after it's only product has been pulled off the market. they plan to layoff 75% of the work force after the recall of its anemia drug.
is going to take as much energy as he humans can into this. >> thanks very much. great being with you this week. >> good to be with you too. >> thank you for watching abc news. check in for "good morning america." they'll have the latest from here in vatican city. we're always online at abcnews.com. >>> from the plumes of white smoke to the deafening cheers in st. peter's square, a new pope elected. >> brothers and sisters, good cardinal jorge bigolgio. he will be known at pope francis, the first jesuit in pontif history. >> it is thursday at the vatican as we take a live look there. the new pope will meet with his predecessor, pope emeritus, popepossiblyct, possibly within hours. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama date. carolyn is off. >> i am dan ashley. this choice is cause of celebration for many catholics and some continue verse because of his -- and some controversy. leslie brinkley is live in san jose where catholics attended a joyous service in honor of pope francis this evening. >> reporter: it is quiet right now, it is symbolic of a changing catholic church.
is pushing down to the south but it is directing most of this energy to the north and a very mature system that has lost its energy with a lot of moisture coming from hawaii but not a lot of lift in the atmosphere to create it. we have a moist and mild flow. we were mild this morning and comfortable this afternoon and the reason we will be warmer tomorrow morning is because of that. with the thicker clouds, watch as the sprinkles develop across the north bay this afternoon, and you can see a better pocket of light rain at 5:00 and, also, along the peninsula coast, and as we head through the evening showers, we will have some sprinkles and light rain from time to time at at&t park but it will not be that heavy. we will probably get the game in with no problems and maybe not a delay. through the evening hours, it is still just scattered sprinkles through tomorrow morning and then the more organized wet weather, the window of possibly steady, light rain, moving through the north bay during the morning commute and the heart of the bay as we head to noon and headed down and exiting the south ba
energy today in san francisco. it's a mid sized plug in hybrid different from other high bridz because the driver can choose either gasoline or the electric engine. >> they have a short commute. so the vehicle behind can ride on all electricity or gasoline. >> fusion can go 21 miles in all electric mode. it can go over 600 miles on a tank of gas. the fusion energy qualifies for carpool lane. >> chevron and safeway teeming up to save you money at gas pump rolling out shopper rewards programs today. customers can use their rewards for up to 20 cents off per gallon z shoppers receive a point towards a gas purchase. >> everything help autos it's that time of the year again. time for the popular tax hot line. >> michael finney is stabbedding by with experts. >> glad you're there. i've asked others have you done your taxes yet? >> it's in process. we've handed over receipt autos the we have the number you need to dial for tax questions we've got experts from the irs, and from united way, from cpa and we have enrolled agents. exactly what is that? >> well, an enrolled agent are the only feder
to come in on budget. heather, thank you very much. largest solar energy project in the world is going to be built here in california. ken salazar joined governor brown for the announcement today. two large solar farms will be built and power 265,000 home autos it's been a pleasure to work here in california. as we have moved forward in resolving energy future of the united states of america. >> we have a lot of challenges in this country but climate change is on the way. and we've got to do something about it. >> requiring the state to get a third of the energy from renewable sources by the year 2020. we've got plenty of sun to work with today. >> yes. a nice stretch of sunny weather. >> sunny, and milder. spring won't arrive until wednesday, here is a look at high temperatures. several locations reaching 80 degrees owe today or above. ukiah a high of 80 degrees. 83 in gilroy. and high temperatures in the upper 70s, a live view looking west you can see high clouds in the sky. but sunny skies at the moment. 7234 oakland. san jose, 72. another view from our mount tam camera. looking at
to consider clean energy. a federal report shows green jobs grew four times faster than others in 2011 compared to the year before and california and maryland had the biggest job growth. more health concerns of energy drinks with prominent doctors asking the f.d.a. to consider reducing the caffeine. monster, red bull and five energy say the drinks are safe but doctors say the high levels can return in heart problems and seizures and obesity. >> are you betting on the basketball tournament? more than a third of ncaa betters will bet more on march madness than on the super bowl. be careful, of those who bet last year 60 percent lost money. that is the bloomberg business report from the new york stock exchange. >> live doppler 7 hd zooming on 242 and grand as we head through concord, you can see the better radar runs and points to the west open highway four, pittsburg, bay point, antioch, the delta, that is where we have the heaviest rain the next hour or so with more lined up to come ashore and it looks like it will be wet anywhere north of fresno today with 60 in monterey, sacramento an
takes all the energy. goes up the east coast. more snow for new england. and it's two tiers. we have a severe weather threat that starts tonight, from little rock to memphis. nashville, birmingham, jackson, chattanooga and just west of atlanta tomorrow, all with 70-mile-per-hour winds possible, isolated tornadoes, too. >> tonight, monday, tuesday, very difficult weather across the country. ginger, thank you. >>> we turn overseas tonight. and on this sunday, hundreds of thousands of worshipers packed st. peter's square, to hear pope francis deliver his inaugural blessing. delighting the crowd with a prayer he delivered without anything written down. and beforehand, he ventured into the crowd to greet well-wishers face-to-face. security trailing him. the people of rome reveling in that very human moment. but back in the pope's home country of argentina, tonight, this sunday brought headlines about the pope's past. abc's matt gutman from argentina, this evening. >> reporter: the pictures in this battered leather suitcase are all estella has left. no. she says. they kidnapped seven of my
you see the pilots harnessing the energy in our atmosphere. >> there are already dozens right above us. >> reporter: there wasn't much time to wonder or worry. i had to get ready to launch. looking up. once we were heels up, we don't just rocket into the sky. we have to find solar fuel and that search starts really close to the mountain side. to gain altitude, we ride the thermals or columns of air billowing from the sun soaked air beneath. as soon as we find that lift, other pilots start to swarm around us. soon after that -- we're in the clouds. a meteorologist's dream. surrounded by 150 paragliders, this is called the launch gaggle. kind of like the starting line of a marathon when everyone is stretching but here, they're feeling out the air. then the race begins. the bee hive of swirling wind takes off at up to 50 miles per hour. within minutes, the once bustling sky is em. they hours later, we catch up by bus with those that made it to the finish. this is their task goal. and only about 50 or so will make it. among them, americans matt and eric. >> i did make it. a little bit slow
an earthquake. it does not predict earthquakes, but it detects the first pulses of a quake's energy and gives you time to react. >>> travelers at one of l.a.x.'s biggest terminals had to avoid contaminated drinking water. a construction crew crossed the drinkable water line with the recycled air conditioning line at terminal six. it forced the crews to shutdown the restaurants and the drinking fountains. no word when it will be fixed. >>> and new at 11:00, a new device for the iphone lets you know when it is safe to drive home. it has a breath anna lieser that attaches -- analyzer that attaches. it tells you if you are over the alcohol limit. the creator says it is not just for heavy drinkers, but it is for those who have a couple of beers and maybe glasses of wine and should be responsible drivers. the breath owe meter is in development. >>> a big announcement from google in an attempt to stream line services. they are shutting down the popular google reader feature. google reader allowed users to pull con at the present time feeds from a -- content feeds from a variety of websites. it was l
. where is the energy? where is the urgency? >>> the warriors wrapped up a two-week home stand and they were trying to close it out with a win in chicago. the bulls lost by 42 in sacramento a couple nights ago. that apparently made them angry. it will be a rough night for the warriors. this is opening possession and two-happened slam. two-hand slam. nate robinson enjoying his visit back at oracle. back to back three's. they end the half at 20. here is a warrior highlight. and steph curry without authority. and harrison barnes cleans up. it was all bulls, all the time. derrick rose is still out and carlos boozer two hands and he had 21. and the night is really complete with the air ball from the foul line. brother. warriors are down 36 and rally to lose by only 18. they really got crushed 113-95. a big game on the road against houston. miami heat and their 20-game win streak. lebron james 360 spin and with authority. and that's howe you do it. and that's how you do it. how do you stop that? how do you stop this? it is now time for your facial. james 28 points and 10 boards. the
in one of their worst efforts. where is the energy? where is the urgency? >>> the warriors wrapped up a two-week home stand and theyse t with a win in chicago. the bulls lost by 42 in sacramento a couple nights ago. that apparently made them angry. it wough night for the warriors. this is opening possession and two-happened slam. two-hand slam. nate robinson enjoying his visit back at oracle. back to back three's. they end the half at 20. here is a warrior highlight. and steph curry without authority. har harrison barnes clean it was all up. it was all bulls, all the time. derrick rose is still out and carlos boozer two hands and he hadthe night and the night is really complete with the air ball from the foul line. brother. warriors are down 36 and rally to lose by only 18. they really got crushed 113-95. a big game on the road against houston. miami heat and their 20-game win streak. lebron james 360 spin and with authority. it.t's how you do it. it. how do you stop that? how do you stop this? it is now time for your facial. james 28 points and 10 xtend their win streak to 21. it is
.~patrick's da >> carolyn: join me tonight at 9:00. the president has a new way to fund u.s. energy development without costing taxpayers a dime. we'll hear how it would work. at 11:00 here on abc7, another concert cancelled as the san francisco symphony strike continues. tonight what the strike means for fans and businesses in the area. all coming up at 9:00 and 11:00 on abc7 news. >>> chicago is going green this st.~patrick's day weekend. crowds braved the chilly weather to watch the dieing of the chicago river today, all part of the leadup to tomorrow's big st.~patrick's day parade in the windy city. you can see the trails of lime green dye in the wake of boats. organizers say it's all environmentally friendly. i hope so. that does it for abc7 at 6:00. i'm carolyn tyler in for ama daetz. for leigh glaser and mike shumann, thanks for joining us. >> the following is a paid advertisement for starvista entertainment and time life's music collection. >> ♪ wouldn't it be nice if we were older ♪ ♪ then we wouldn't have to wait so long ♪ >> ♪ pretty woman walkin' down the street ♪ ♪ pr
researchers in australia say the energy released by the earthquakes can vaporize the water that collects in the fault lines and leave behind gold. over thousands of years, the gold can accumulate into large deposits. >> this morning, crews in texas clear away the rubble of a bridge. check this out. workers set off explosions and in seconds an old highway bridge in one town was demolished. spectators gathered to watch. the explosives were so powerful they knocked out 9-1-1 and telephone service. a person who lives 26 miles away from the blast could feel her house shake. the implosion cleared the way for a bigger bridge. >> "boom" in the east bay, people stomping their feet in kitement over a cow in st. mary's getting invites to the ncaa big dance. next, the doubling win for cal bears. >> in the east bay, the people lending a hand to beautify oakland. >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. 5:00 on this monday morning. i am clear clap filling in for eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> we will check with mike nuclear to see if the sun will continue. >>
the mature system, most of the energy going to the north and we still have a very moist flow that is bringing in all of the clouds today. the clouds will let go of the sprinkles. as we head through the morning, to noon, you can see the clouds getting thicker and sprinkles likely after 2:00 or 3:00, with scattered light rain during the 5:00 hour and through the better part of the evening. at midnight the cold front will sweep law and we could have a real short period of steady, light rain, and scattered showers for tomorrow. still looking at rainfall amounts on the very low side around .05" in the south bay and maybe up to 1" in the north bay mountains but that is generous. temperatures are cooler tomorrow and then the 60's and 70's come back through the weekend and into next week. sue? >> a nice live shot for the commute across the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city. the tail lights on the flat section headed westbound, everyone is moving at the limit at 15-minute drive from both sides of the bay. otherwise, we are looking at the road work or your drive from the central valley right
's jimmy kimmel! . >> thank you for watching. hey, i have a question. i'm glad you have a lot of energy. are you ready to push your bodies to the ultimate limit tonight? [ cheers and applause ] >> well, i'm not. we'll push our bodies to the limit some other time. you know, tomorrow is the first official day of spring, although you would not know it if you live in new england or the great lakes where heavy snow is falling again. some parts of new england are expected to get 20 inches of snow before the storm was done. do you remember that groundhog who said we would have an early winter and early spring? we should eat him. someone has to pay for this. most of the country is freezing cold right now. but we don't really have weather here in l.a., so our meteorologists are forced to find other ways to fill time. on ktla, which is a local channel, here on wednesday, there was a regular segment where they read birthdays anticipate anniversaries. henry reads them no matter how ridiculous they are. >> joe horton, ninth anniversary and hugh janus turning 10. >> i'm sorry.
and make smart decisions at the same time. the energy used to process vision is instead diverted to an area that's processing the conversation. which could explain why this man on his scooter is nearly hit by this woman talking on her cell phone while turning left. miss it? here it is again. >> you really looked at that stop sign, you really looked at that pedestrian. but you didn't see him. it didn't register, because you're on the phone. >> reporter: but there are ways to drive safer. first, set up car rules so your kids know what to expect. if they drop something, make sure they know you can't pick it up until the car stops. if you're tempted to take a phone call, consider an app like zoom safer. it blocks by sending an automated response that you're driving and will answer when you can. nice hat, buddy. and if you can't feed the kids before you leave, keep a snack back close by. one of the few things i did right. how would you rate my safety skills? >> 5 or 6 out of 10. >> reporter: that's a failing grade. >> your rear-view mirror is kind of bad. >> reporter: i'm paula faris in blark bl
are designing new engines that are energy efficient. developing cheaper batteries to go farther on a single charge and devicing new ways to fuel our cars and trucks with new sources of clean energy like advanced biofuels and natural gas so drivers can one day go coast-to-coast without using a drop of oil. >> republicans focus their message on balancing the budget. house budget committee chairman paul ryan of wisconsin said the gop has a plan to balance the federal budget in ten years through spending cuts alone. >>> a former san francisco supervisor wants larry ellison to make up a multimillion-dollar shortfall projected for the america's cup races this summer. the billionaire founder of or cam is sponsoring the cup finals here in september. fundraising efforts have lagged and participation from international teams has not met projections. former supervisor aaron said the city should not beliable for the $10 million to $20 million deficit. >> a promise that this was going to be a race that would raise $1.4 billion in the economy is provide thousands of jobs. that has turned out not to be th
and cushion my feet all day. this is happiness - happy feet. so, i've got energy and style all day. dr. scholl's for her . for heels and flats. i'm a believer. >> welcome back at 5:21. you are looking at san mateo bridge, traffic is picking up at normally hour. a little foggy this morning. san mateo is expecting temperatures at 55. clouds this afternoon and our meteorologist has the accweather forecast coming up. >> get ready for a big crack down on distracted driving. california law enforcement will begin a massive ticket-writing campaign aimed as those who text or talk on the cell phone while driving. a texting ticket costs $159. many people do not thing the ticket is costly enough to stop the practice. >> if you are not finding embarrassing messages of your kids on facebook do not be relieved. chances are they could be doing it elsewhere. sites have exploded on mobile devices enabling kids to chat with friends they choose without being monitored by parents and coaches and without the ting limits. new apps do not require a cell phone or credit card and can be used on devices with internet ac
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a second instrument. >> that allows us to deliver cold energy. can you see that? you can see it. this is now ready to be reintroduced. the doctor will destroy the tissue layer by freezing it. these cells will die off. and what will be the place will be normal tissue. >> he says it's not only effective but less invasive. >> maybe five or 10 years ago would you have had surgery. i'm confident it's gone. he's basically cured. >> this can be used to identify phone shall cancers in almost the entire tract including stomach, colon and pancreas. >> how are bicycles being accepted on bart tonight? jonathan bloom >>> want to check back with jonathan bloom. >> he's coming to us live with cell 7 technology. how many problems have you seen a come dating bicycles during rush hour. >> so far we haven't seen any problems on bart. folks said they had not remembered this was the week but a lot of folks were glad it's going on and eager to show bicyclists can be respectful to other people riding bart. they want this policy to become permanent. one person in charge is steve gerl raldo this, is a s
of the energy release of an earthquake. >> came it the real modern family, stressed out parents could be working harder than ever. >> here is jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> good morning, more moms and dads be hard at work and taking care of the kids. the typical american father is spending twice as much time doing housework compared to his dad and women are devoting 21 hours of work compared to eight hours of their mother. less than half of the working parents say they have a good work life balance. >> when parents suggested you be a doctor as a kid that may not be so bad. that is the highest in a group of occupations in terms of overall well-being. transportation workers score the worst. >> rather than furlough workers t.s.a. will focus on a hiring free with across-the-board budget cuts meaning longer lines at airport security. you may notice the impact in time for the memorial day travel weekend. >> samsung is holding a splashy unveiling of the galaxy smartphone today trying to put a bigger dent in iphone sales. that is the bloomberg business report. >> lawmaker in china want
for the afternoon into the usually evening and fall in the low-to-mid 50's. energy the day. >> the upper deck of the bay bridge coming into san francisco, the incline section is moving nicely. sluggish but moving with a nice drive into san francisco. we will hook at our metering lights and back to the first overcrossing, a five to seven -minute delay to pay the tolls coming into san francisco. not quite friday light but not too bad. the stall on the couple barton -- dumbarton bridge, just minor slowing moving toward the menlo park area. kristen and eric? >> we are following developing news in the east bay, police investigating the shooting death of a map during rush hour at the richmond bart station. we were over the scene as officers searched the area for evidence. it happened outside on the top of the staircase commuters use at the station. witnesses say they saw to membership take off running after the shooting. >> more video showing a gas leak if san francisco's mission district. this happened last night and forced evacuation of five homes near 25th and alabama street. a backhoe sliced a
that -- that the president has devoted more of his energies and his, his vision to arab issues rather than israeli issues. a perception by some, fair or not. so there is a sense that he is going over there to sort of maybe give the impression that he is mending fences. >> and by, by doing what he has done as far as arab issues goes it puts him on the opposite side of where a lot of people want him. because of our tight relationship with israel. that's something that they want to continue to happen. and the fact that he, in the eyes of many has been on the opposite side of israel, and he has been against the settlements, which israel is very much for. it's strained relationships for the president. >> will be a tightrope on the trip. >>> let's talk about the latest on the horrifying lion attack at a california animal sanctuary. the last person to speak to the victim telling her story in an abc news exclusive. fellow cat haven worker megan pauls was on the phone with diana hanson before the attack. she was also the one who found the 24-year-old intern's lifeless body in the cage. and she says she has been o
is it that you love particularly about being a waitress? >> i like talking to people. i like the energy of it. i like all the quick thinking that goes on. i like being on my feet. i like meeting people. i love talking about food and being around food. it's just-- it's a really great lifestyle, so-- >> and do you find that most people, most patrons, are nice to waitresses? they leave nice tips or no? >> in new york city, people are generally pretty well behaved, yes. >> oh, well behaved? okay, you've got then trained. >> they know what to do. >> okay, well, we want to give you a big tip of $1 million today. >> that sounds like the biggest tip i have ever had, meredith. >> so let's take a look at the money in your round 1. [cheers and applause] okay, computer, please randomize the dollar amounts. here are the categories to your questions. and, computer, please randomize the categories. and now that everything is all shuffled there, are you ready? >> i am ready? >> audience, are you ready? [cheers and applause] then let's play millionaire. [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ launched by bernadette pete
of hope and optimism and energy to keep going and to keep being me. and that connection with you guys and the support you all have shown in many various ways, e-mails, cards, gifts, e-mails, tweets, that's the real measure of success in this business. not the other stuff but the connection that you and i have had. and what you have, you have taken the time to share that with me. i think whenever you close out a personal or professional part of your career, the best part is to leave with good work, good friends and good memories. i'm blessed to leave with all three. thanks to the staff, and all of you out there. i am grateful. god bless and many, many thanks. >> all right, but now you are not leaving without being inducted into something very special on this show. our hall of fame. this is a look back at all of the anchors who have ever graced their presence on this desk. some of the many, many faces along the way. you may recognize, there is anderson cooper, by the way, liz cho, david muir, and the list continues and goes on and on. the many faces that you, some of them you know, some
energy, great focus and she's doing amazing. >> are you allowed to vote if you're under 13? >> are you allowed. >> yeah. >> because you will crush it. >> our kids are going crazy over you. >> my daughter cannot wait to meet you. she thinks you are pretty much the coolest thing on the planet >> that's awesome. so cute. i got to meet her. >> well, you are, of course, on "shake it up" on disney and we have some video showing you doing a little hip-hop. you definitely got some moves. now, are these going to translate on the dance floor, val, zendaya? tell us what you think. >> hmm. >> see, here's the thing, some people would assume that because i'm a hip-hop dancer, it would be easier for me to do this -- >> no, i don't assume that. i think it's very different, right? >> it's like -- it's basically doing the exact opposite of what i'm used to so not only am i kind of learning something from the beginning but i have to forget what i already know and what's already naturally in my body so everything i naturally want to do -- >> there we go. >> right there. >> he's all about form and poise. >
to be in the presence of. she brings such -- all that warmth and positive energy that you see in that piece. she brings that to the show and behind the scenes and in meetings. >> you really sense that. >> no, she's been a great addition to the show and is a dear friend. >> connected to the dancers like she does? >> yeah, i think it's inevitable that there will be some that you feel more of an affinity for that i think she mentioned rob is one case where he came in and in some ways he was the lesser known kardashian and then he -- that particular season he was on he had the best few months of any kardashian, frankly, yeah. >> he really was a star. >> yeah and he did transform himself on the show. it was pretty impressive to see. >> we've seen you with kirstie. >> kirstie, yeah. >> all right, thank you very much. >> am i leaving now? >> no, not yet. >> not ever. >> i was going to say is it something i said but clearly i said enough today. >> no, we want more and right now also on our "gma" heat index the one, the only honey boo boo. the world first met honey boo boo on "toddlers & tiaras" and viewers fel
on earth. she's got boundless energy and a love of sock skating. >> one, two. >> reporter: she's the sassy 7-year-old known around the world adds honey boo-boo. >> speaking of the daughter, she's mighty fierce. her family, self-proclaimed red necks. >> keeps you cold. >> reporter: they love food. >> the ribs. be the barbecue chicken. >> and the potato salad and baked beans. >> reporter: family, and fun. >> come on, come on, i need to hop on. no wonder the fun factory is her favorite place to play. a local arcade where people roller skate. but we did some sock skating. climbing around in this contrapti contraption. i don't know what i'm doing. she gave me her purposed bows to wear in my own hair. it was exhausting, even for me, with two little girls at home. she's not typical. >> i'm not typical! >> reporter: she likes to chant. ♪ honey boo-boo, honey boo-boo >> reporter: and sing. ♪ got me driving me crazy >> reporter: when does your belly decide to talk. >> belly decides to talk right now. >> oh, no, no, no. no belly talk today. >> reporter: what does the belly say. with the hit show
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